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  Welcome To Zade Association Pty Ltd



We focus on doing the best for every client with PC Training, HR and Cyber Marketing.

We specialize in HR/Marketing across different industries and sectors, and distinguish ourselves from competitors by our service excellence.

Our success lies in the value we add to our client’s business through bench-marking against best practices, aligning with the client’s business strategy, policies, processes and standards, ensuring ongoing compliance with latest legislation and ultimately providing the client with clear insight into effective decision making.

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Welcome to our E-Recruiting tool.
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ZADE Association Pty Ltd was formed in 2013 to design websites, business cards, logos, letter heads, posters, pamphlets, invitations and brochures.

Overall our company can be classified as a graphic design business specializing in designs for any company’s needs.

Many businesses need business cards, logos and letterheads.

Many of them now a day’s also advertise and market their products over the internet, so they need websites design for their needs. Also they need to advertise thru the printed media, so we also design posters, brochures and pamphlets.

People also open new businesses so they need invitations. Couples get married, 21st birthday parties, fancy do’s, we also cater for them with invitations designed for their specific needs.

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Our Division called Smart Training offer people the chance to become computer smart without the classrooms and exam stress...

We are here to offer training at the fingertips of your own environment.

We have qualified trainers with College/University Diplomas/Degrees to offer the best training for each candidate.

We have great packages and updated laptops where we train our clients on.

To apply it only cost R100.00 once off fee and you will receive a training number to make further contact with the trainer as you will have your own trainer and they will come out to you.

Booking for training will be determine in advanced due to we already received a lot of applications and we working around the clock to accommodate everyone that are interested in our Company




We offer a Marketing tool for small to Large enterprices with lowest prices to any company in Cape Town.

Design of Ads, Placement on Cyber networks, Management of Ads and Feedback/Results of Ads...

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